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I wanted to say thanks for all the love and support everyone has given Clay and I on our baby adventure. I was so happy to hear that a few of you out there are ALSO expecting! That means there are a few of you out there who will not be completely annoyed by the bombardment of baby this and baby that in the months to come. (I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. Swear.) I’ve been trying to picture having a little nugget with me by my side at all times, which doesn’t seem real, merely impossible… so I have moved on to picturing the baby’s nursery, which for some reason seems more feasible, and much less overwhelming. This is what I have so far… in my head.

This weekend, (starting tonight), we are headed to Las Vegas for a little friend and family reunion, accompanied with a little r & r. Don’t worry, things are not getting’ crazy anymore. I mean, how much havoc can two pregnant woman wreak anyhow. Not much. (My sister in law is two weeks and 1 day behind me… PBFL)

P.S. Just learned about the word wreak. Always thought it was reap. Hm… DOES ANYONE KNOW THE REAL ANSWER?! GOOGLE ISN’T HELPING!

Happy Early Weekend!

Untitled-003PBFL = Pregnant Buddies for Life
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  1. Love the nursery and can’t wait to photograph it! :) What is wreak?

  2. jolene

     /  October 3, 2013

    WREAK: To inflict vengeance or punishment. Like, “The cruel boy wreaked his bad temper on his dog”. I’ve had a bit of a problem with that word too, sometimes pronouncing it like WRECK. Oh well. You are the most adorably beautiful little pregnant girl (sorry, woman) I have ever seen. We are SOOO happy for you and Clay!!

  3. lindsay Goldfine

     /  October 3, 2013

    On the contrary, I think you should devote your blog COMPLETELY to all things baby until baby comes. Why not!? I’m on board. And this post makes me wish I had hired you to design my nursery. I want EVERYTHING HERE. Sigh . ..

  4. Enjoy the break!

  5. Just found your blog… what a great find! Congrats on your baby boy – I’m excited to follow your adventures and although I’m not pregnant, I love reading all about it, so don’t hold back!
    nouveau | a londoner’s lifestyle blog


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